Astronomy Club

Astronomy Club is a combination of Theoretical sessions; Activity based workshops and Practical observations through telescope. Astronomy Club is optional for kids.  Any child from standard 5th to 12th can be the part of this club.

Talk with an Scientist/ Astronaut 

What does breakfast taste like in space? How often do you change your socks? What would you ask an astronaut? Mind Mingle is giving you the chance to speak to NASA and Russian Space Agency astronaut in a live communications.
In Astronomy Club, All the Kids with get a great opportunity to talk with real astronomers from NASA and Russia Space Centre. They will even get opportunity to get training from Young Indian Astronomer Aryan Mishra. Kids will get the chance to work with amateur Aryan individually.

Sky observation through telescope

During daylight we only see our Sun and sometimes the moon. At night we see all the shining objects mentioned above against the dark sky.
Observational astronomy is a division of astronomy that is concerned with recording data about the observable universe, in contrast with theoretical astronomy, which is mainly concerned with calculating the measurable implications of physical models. It is the practice and study of observing celestial objects with the use of telescopes and other astronomical instruments

Evening/Night Sky Observation

Night Sky Observation includes Moon & Stars. Some of the brighter stars appear to form groups in the sky, these we call constellations. Most constellations were named a very long time ago by the Greeks or Arabs. People thought they could see the shapes of animals or their gods and named the constellations after them. In most cases it is very hard to imagine how they saw the shape that the star pattern is supposed to represent but we still use the same names today.

Solar Observation

Solar observation is the scientific endeavour of studying the Sun and its behavior and relation to the Earth and the remainder of the Solar System.

Activity based sessions

It’s Hands on learning in which students create the models and study deeply. This activity provides an opportunity for students to make observations, discuss changing states of matter and demonstrate measuring skills.

Theoretical Session

Before doing all the experiments and observations through telescopes, this is very important to gather knowledge about the Universe, Moon, Sun and star.These sessions are the combination of Group work, discussion and lot of questioning about Past, present and future of Universe. These sessions are very Interesting and engaging. We will provide Basic booklet to all the participating kids specially designed by thoughtful team at Mind Mingle.

The Vast Universe
Future of Space
Making Moon Phases

Astronomy club includes

  • Online session with an Scientist / Astronaut
  • Activity based sessions
  • Theoretical sessions
  • Sky observation session (solar and night sky observation)
  • Online mentoring throughout the year