Astronomy Lab

Goal of Astronomy Lab

The main goal of this lab is for students to discover how astronomers use physics and observations with telescopes to gain an understanding of how the universe works. To that end, Kids will learn many physics concepts as applied to astronomy, and follow the process of doing astronomical observations and measurements. These observations include ones that you will make, both with the naked eye and with a telescope.


  • 4 Telescope 
  • 25 Planisphere 
  • 20 Moon Mapping Catalogue 
  • 5 Charles Messier: Customized Messier Catalogue 
  • Astronomy & Space Exploration yearly day wise planner: Deep space Mysteries 2018 
  • 3 Astronomers Bio and Pictures
  • 2 Milky ways posters 
  • Planet Rising & Setting time table 
  • Facts of Space 
  • Teacher Training:2 days on school training for teachers (Day sky watch/ Evening sky watch, Usage of Telescope, Planisphere, moon mapping, Messier Catalogue etc). Night Sky watch for teachers (Travel & stay expenses of teachers & trainer will be taken care by school)