Offline Programs

We set up Astronomy Laboratories in schools and we are proud to say that we are the pioneer in this field.

Star Gazing events are held for schools, colleges and corporates

We have guest faculties who provide guest lectures on space science, astronomy, space exploration and other topics related to this field

We take students to the best know observatories, ISRO and other educational institutions related to space science education in India to provide a wide range of exposure to students and space science enthusiasts

In international travel programs, we take students to international destinations and countries know for their space programs. We also provide them exposure by taking them to NASA and other space agencies around the world.

Online Programs


Online Webinars

Milky Way with silhouette of a family on the mountain. Father and a son who pointing finger in night starry sky. Night landscape. Beautiful Universe. Space. Travel background with sky full of stars



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